Having access to the latest information from the constantly changing internal and external environment, the ability to analyze and make decisions based on it are necessary to run business successfully. This dynamic process of determining the correct path of development and optimization of current expenses ToTrans Logistics’ goal consists of.

Our team of experts in the field of foreign economic activity will help you choose the most optimal scheme of work with foreign counterparties, and will help to establish the right contractual, financial and documentary issues.

This service of ToTrans Logistics includes services of importer, exporter and purchasing agent.


Your tools and benefits in working with us will be:

– a team of specialists with experience and expertise in all areas related to economic activities in Uzbekistan, other CIS countries and China;

– reliable operation with financial flows controlled by your instructions;

– knowledge in the field of tax and customs legislation of Uzbekistan and china;

– transparent workflow and ease of reference;

– optimization of the tax burden on your business using optimal contractual schemes;

– work under a single contract with a number of counterparties, which allows to accumulate and easily manage financial flow, work with banks and fiscal authorities in different countries;

– providing a full package of documents for delivery from the contract holder (contract, applications, specifications, commercial invoices, packing lists, certificates of origin, price lists, export declarations, bills of lading);

– the absence of costs for state employees of logistics, accounting, foreign trade, brokerage services departments;

– the opportunity to concentrate fully on the development of your company;

– rapid and efficient expansion of your business to new markets (China, CIS).